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Create Protocol is a completely decentralised ecosystem, structured around creators and artists, which has multiple decentralised applications (DApps) built on top of it. All these DApps are governed and powered by the create governance token - $CR8.

Using the Create platform and the suite of APIs along with it, the community has the freedom of extending these applications in the way they like - which is the revolution that Create Protocol plans to bring about.

CDapp Ecosystem
Create Console is a blockchain-based unified analytical creator dashboard that can be used by every creator to manage their NFTs, upload their art, and manage their digital assets.
Mercado.Studio is a multi-chain NFT marketplace. It is a hub of high quality art, talented artists and art collectors. Any digital artwork in the form of audio, visual or both can be uploaded here.
Dreams of Synesthesia (DOS) is the very first inhouse NFT collection of Create which represents the freedom of collaboration, inclusivity and many other possibilities.
Artemis is a digitally generated world of "8879" spirit animals NFTs uniquely crafted by a team of 3D Artists, Sound Designers, and Computational Magicians.
Dreamverse is the metaverse project powered by Create where you can launch new products, host live events, shop in a 3D environment, etc.
Ouch is a collaborative project where the idea is to create a real-time social experience and provide tactile interactions in a metaverse
MUZIX is a DApp built on Create Protocol specially designed for the artists and the creators.

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The entire ecosystem of CREATE PROTOCOL is a spiderweb: interlinked
DApps that power each other, where the Protocol is the engine.

Moksha through NFTs is a collaborative project where ICCA and Bharat Thakur have joined hands with Create to digitize the five art elements of life - Food, Art, Philosophy, Music, and Yoga.
One Digital
One Digital Entertainment and Create have partnered together to build a whitelabel solution named OneCreate which is a launchpad for multiple artists to promote their creations through NFTs.
Bob Marley Foundation
The Bob Marley Foundation is a Jamaican non-profit organization that continues to honour the life and legacy of the Honourable Robert Nesta Marley, OM through community upliftment initiatives.
Diwan is the leading Multi-Platform Network (MPN) and Talent Management agency in MENA, managing top creators and working with leading brands helping grow talents and reach audiences
Tagbin is a technology driven service centered company established in 2013 by IIT Roorkee Alumni, to design and engineer digital experiences for Government and Private Businesses.
Airmeet is a platform for virtual summits, meetups & workshops with a social lounge to deliver a rich networking experience.
ztudium is focused on building empowerment technology, platforms, media, intelligence and services, that offer software solutions to global governments, organisations, central banks and businesses, Using the best of 4IR set of technologies is a parking app that is evolving the way people access their parking space. They have come up with a way of finding a suitable parking space near your destination simultaneously, making it cheap, easy, and hassle-free.
Imagine a world where virtual events and webinars are extended to the blockchain enabling the audience to stay connected and engaged on a global scale at all times.
Masha Art
Masha Art is one of the fastest-growing Investment Art Consulting Companies in India. With boutique artworks exclusively curated for investors.
TRST01 (Trust O One) is a Blockchain-technology company that addresses Industry issues on Trust, Transparency and Traceability using latest technologies.
Cogitent Ventures
Cogitent Ventures are promoters to growth of the global economy by investing intellectual and financial capital in emerging crypto projects.
Psilly is an online community started back in 2006, dedicated to psychedelic research, therapy, harm-reduction, and advocacy. They have a reputable name when it comes to cultivation and consumption of different species of mushrooms.
Emotional Intelligence Ventures
Empowering mental wellness through psychoactive compounds and technology. Our ambition is to deliver governmental approved therapeutic treatment options that address the current global mental healthcare pandemic.
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